Denon DN1800 Dual/Twin CD Player


The Denon DN1800 Dual/Twin CD Player is built in an attractive, rack-mount package that contains all the requirements expected by a DJ for this level of product.

Jog shuttle wheel
A Playback mode selection button (SINGLE/CONT)
Simple shock-proof function
Sleep Function
The elapsed time position of the track is displayed as the current playback position using 10-segment bar
Instant start
Pitch Bend (Buttons: +/-32%, Jog Wheel: +/-32%)
Time button
Pitch (%) display
Variable pitch range of *} 10%
Jog Plat

  • Hire Price Per Day: £10.00
  • Hire Price Per 2 Days: £20.00
  • Hire Price Per Week: £30.00

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