Denon DN2100 Dual/Twin CD Player


The Denon DN2100 Dual/Twin CD Player is the original industry standard rack mount CD player.

Shockproof function protecting against external vibrations
Auto Level Search / Instant Start
Pitch Bend (Button & Jog)
Seamless Loop
Hot Start / Stutter
Brake / Plat-S – In Brake mode, the playing speed comes to a quick halt,
simulating the STOP function on a vinyl turntable. In Plat-S
mode, it simulates a vinyl turntable’s dragging sound when it’s
power has been purposely turned OFF or ON.
Key Adjust – The key can be adjusted automatically when the playback pitch
is changed so that the key (vocal) remains the same regardless
of the pitch change.
Relay Play – When this mode is set, CD1 and CD2 starts playback alternately.
This unit can relay the playback of CD1 and CD2 every track or
every disc.
Fader Start
Preset functions – Different presets can be changed
according to your needs.

  • Hire Price Per Day: £10.00
  • Hire Price Per 2 Days: £20.00
  • Hire Price Per Week: £30.00

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