Rosco Fluorescent Scenic Paint – Blue 5785 / 578414 – 473ml

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We are selling a tin of Fluorescent Scenic Paint (473ml) – Part code 578414

When painting scenery or cloths for stage performances that will use UV paint – a primer coat of white emulsion will help a great deal by sealing the surface you’re coating, it will also act as a reflector for the UV so making the glow a little more intense.

FINISH: Matte.

DILUTION: Fluorescent Paints should be used straight out of the can. They can be diluted with water if necessary, however this will reduce the hiding power of the paint.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. Prime porous surfaces, except fabrics, using Rosco Tough Prime. If painting a new plaster surface, prime wall with a commercial primer/sealer designed for raw plaster. Then use Rosco Tough Prime as a final preparation. Use a white base coat to achieve the most dramatic color effects.

APPLICATION: Stir contents before use. Do not shake. Apply by brush, roller, or spray gun. Apply in thin uniform coats, using a good quality brush or roller. Use overlapping strokes, keeping a wet edge.

COVERAGE: Approximately 300 sq. ft. per gallon.

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