Outdoor Stage Roof Systems

At CPS we stock the Prolyte range of outdoor structures including outdoor stages, roof systems and PA Towers.

The Prolyte MPT system uses a ground supported truss grid on self-climbing towers giving a 12m x 10m square roof section with a trim height of 6m. The roof incorporates a sloping cantilever rather than the square box of typical structures, and this creates an unusual and aesthetically pleasing shape. Once again, lighting equipment can be directly rigged to all trusses, cutting down on supplementary equipment needed, and the cantilever allows lighting designers plenty of scope for imaginative design. A roof canopy and side walling is also supplied.

Full Installed Price on Application and site visit

The Prolyte ARC stage roof consists of three apex, down outward curved structures, which form the curved roof. The roof may be covered and the stage enclosed on three sides. Lighting equipment can be suspended directly from the truss, which forms the structure. The roof is normally supplied as a complete system with a 7.4m x 6.15m stage area but can be adapted to suit individual events. This structure is ideal for the smaller concert or event.

Full Installed Price on Application and site visit

The light-duty RT-H30V PA Tower has a loading capacity of 800kg and a maximum lifting height of 7.60m. The RT-H30V is based on Prolyte H30V truss with stabilisers.

Please contact the CPS hire team for further details and a quotation for your requirements. A site visit will normally be required.

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