100m Canford Audio CAT6 F Digital Audio & Video Broadcast Cable on Drum

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A used 100m Reel of Canford Audio CAT 6 F on a Schill cable drum.  This has seen very little use and is in immaculate condition.  Neutrik NE8MC-B-1 cable connector carriers are fitted on each end.
We also have an identical 50m version on a separate listing


CAT6-F CATEGORY 6 DATA CABLE Stranded conductor – Deployable

Increasing use of network and data cables between audio and video devices on location calls for a Category 6 cable that is designed specifically for deployable use. Basic Category 6 UTP is a relatively inflexible installation cable, and even the slightly more flexible patchcord type still has very poor handling characteristics in deployed (as opposed to patching) applications. This Category 6 cable has been designed specifically for the professional audio and video user, and is intended to handle like a typical microphone cable. It has an extra-flexible four-pair core structure that maintains Category 6 performance, then a special soft PVC composite material outer jacket, to give superb flexibility and handling characteristics.

It is suitable for use with both standard RJ45 connectors (round entry version), the Neutrik Ethercon and most other ruggedised RJ45 designs, or any other connector with a suitably sized entry gland. The cable is also suitable for DMX512 applications.

The computer industry 100 ohm Category 6 standard provides performance up to 250MHz, and is suitable for Gigabit Ethernet and other high speed applications, as well as analogue and digital audio. Category 6 defines more stringent specifications than those applicable to Category 5E, particularly in crosstalk between pairs.

Technical Specification:
Conductors: 7/0.15mm (0.4 sq.mm, 26AWG) tinned copper
Insulation: Solid polyethylene
Lay-up: Two insulated conductors twisted together, pairs twisted together.
Pair screens: None
Overall jacket: Soft PVC, 6.2mm O.D.
Impedance: 100 +/- 15 ohms
Velocity ratio: 67%
Attenuation: 9.0dB/100m (10MHz)
30.0dB/100m (100MHz)
44.0dB/100m (200MHz)
49.0dB/100m (250MHz)
Near end crosstalk: 59dB (10MHz)
44dB (100MHz)
40dB (200MHz)
38dB (250MHz)
Weight: 4.5kg/100m

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