5 x DHA ROSCO Gobo Rotators – All need attention – Spares or Repair

£199.17 £104.17 + VAT


4 x DHA RTR003  & 1 x Rosco Vortex 360 gobo rotators – All have mechanical issues which need addressing before use, realistically they will all need stripping down and re assembling & possibly a few new parts. Packed looselly there are a couple of nylon washers and a gear that have come from one of the units  , 1 or 2 possibly may need cannibalising for parts to make a couple of good ones – Selling the lot for spares or repair –

List price for a new RTR003 is £438.00ex vat Each  , Vortex 360 is no longer in the pricelist but would have been a similar price

Notes left on each unit with faults

1 – Check motor, remount housing (gearbox)
2 – Gobo holder slips when pressure applied
3 – Gear on motor faulty
4 – Does not turn round
5 – (Vortex) has nothing on it but its obvious as theres a gear & nylon washer taped to it


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