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The Omega Splash is a 6 watt rms, 100 volt line (with 6 watt and 3 watt tappings) music ceiling loudspeaker, water resistant to IP45 rating. This makes it ideal for wet and damp areas such as changing rooms, fitness centres, swimming pools, boat environments, kitchen cooking areas and amusement parks. Its frequency response of 100Hz – 15kHz and sensitivity of 87 +/- 3 dB means the speaker gives quality music reproduction as well as clear speech in any Public Address system where it is installed.
Technical Specification
Order Code: 08-0004-C09
Model: Omega Splash
Power Taps: 6, 3 & 8ohm
Line Voltage: 100V
Driver Units: 1 x 102mm
Frequency Response: 100Hz – 15kHz
Sensitivity: 87 +/- 3 dB at 1W/1m
IP Rating: IP45
Colour: White
Cut-out: 125mm diameter
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 140mm diameter x 130mm
Weight: 1.15kg

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