Analog Way EventiX Media Switcher

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Ex hire Analog Way EventiX Switcher, if your looking at this you know what it is!  Working unit in good condition

Manufacturers Spec

EventiX™ by Analog Way is a Computer
& Video Up/Down Mixer Scaler Switcher with
numerous effects: cut, wipes, fade, PIP and title,
together with hi–res. logo insertion and frame store
functions. Fitted with 8 universal inputs, it can be used
as a Mixer or as an 8×2 scaled Matrix.
Mixer Mode
EventiX scales all sources – Video and Computer –
and performs mixing and seamless switching transitions
between any 2 inputs. The 2 Main outputs match
the native resolution of any video-projector or Hi-Res.
display device, and the Preview outputs allow to monitor
the sequences before they are displayed on the
main screens to avoid errors during a presentation.
EventiX features the following effects: PIP, Fade,
Title, Cut and Wipes.
Native Matrix Mode
EventiX switches any of the 8 inputs to 1 of the 2 or
both outputs. Inputs are scaled and can be displayed
with different resolutions on output 1 and 2.
• Remote Control Software (supplied)
• Axion: High End event Remote Console
• TripliX: Event Remote Console
• RK8022-T: Keypad with or without T-bar
8 Universal Inputs
• Composite Video
NTSC = 15.735 kHz/60 Hz
PAL/SECAM = 15.625 kHz/50Hz
• S.Video (Y/C)
• Component (YUV) 525/625L
• RGB/S (TTL or 0.3V Analog)
• RGsB (SOG: 0.3V Analog)
• Computer (RGB HV, RGB/S et RGsB): PC, Mac, Wkst, automatic
synchro. & centering, resolution from 640×480 to 1600×1200 (up
to 110 kHz)
• HDTV: Component (HD-YUV 3 level sync)
1080i/60/50Hz, 720p/60Hz, 480p/60Hz
• EVX8022HD features: SD/HD-SDI – 4:2:2 (10 bits) & DVI-D up to UXGA
Display Output
• 2 x MAIN / Out 1
• 2 x PREVIEW / Out 2
• RGB HV, RGB/S or RGsB (H&V separated, Composite sync. or SOG)
• RGB = 0.7V p/p (75 Ohms load)
• Output resolution:
PC 16/9: 52×480, 1365×768, 720p, 480p
Options: SDTV (15kHz): SDI ,YUV , S.Video, Composite NTSC/PAL
User Controls
Fully equipped front panel:
• 4 line LCD screen with intuitive menu for complete in/out set up
and image control
• High quality buttons for direct access to:
– Input selection
– User programmable transition effect keys
– Take
– Freeze (Main & Preview)
– Logo, image & H&V PIP position
Full control by additional remote keypad or provided software
Logos and Frame Stores
• 8 logos & 2 frame stores
• Up to SXGA,16 million colors
• Non-volatile memory
• Flash capture of Video or Computer sources
• 256 steps keying threshold control
• Settable H&V logo position
• 2 logos allocated per input
Effects: Cut, PIP, fade, title, wipes
Input Connectors
• Input 1 to 4: on 5 x BNC
• Input 5 to 8: on HD 15F
• DVI-D + BNC: EVX8022-HD only
Output Connectors
• Main/ Out 1: 2 x HD15F
• Preview / Out 2: 2 x HD15F
• RS232 serial com port for remote control and update and Tally out
• RJ 45 for TCP/IP
Power Supply
Internal, universal, automatic, 100-250 VAC; 50/60 Hz, (130 W)
(UL, CSA, GS, CE), On/Off AC main switch
Supplied with
• 1 x AC power cable
• 1 x Remote control software
• 1 x User manual
Dimensions: 19″, 3U
• D 16.5″ x W 19″ x H 5.25″
• D 420 mm x W 480 mm x H 133 mm
Weight: 8 kg (19 lbs)
Warranty: 3 year warranty on parts and labor back to factory
Specifications subject to change without prior notice
Common Features in Matrix and Mixer Modes
EventiX provides a high quality image thanks to its
integrated digital decoder, improved 3:2 and 2:2 pull
down circuitry, auto-adaptative pixel by pixel 3D
motion compensation, time base corrector and frame
rate converter & follower. Each input image control can
be individually set and stored in non volatile memory.
Logo Insertion and Frame Stores
Record 2 full screen images and 8 logos in 16 million
colors in a non-volatile memory. Images and logo(s)
can be flash captured from any Video or Computer
source by keying or image cut-out.
Up to 2 logos can be allocated per input and positioned
anywhere on the screen. The frame store can be
used as a welcome or transition image while switching
between 2 sources.
EventiX is specifically designed with a full control front
panel for Hi-Res. A/V presentation displays, large
events, and for the rental and installation markets. It
offers a user-friendly interface and can be easily
controlled & upgraded via its RS232, TCP-IP or by
using the optional remote keypad.
To Control EventiX

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