Analog Way Octo Vue FX OVX831 Hi Res Scaler Switcher Scaler with Preview

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A used Analog Way Octo Vue FX in good condition, manual is not included but can be downloaded from the Analog Way website.

Octo Vue FX™ by Analog Way is a High Resolution Digital and Analog Computer & Video Up/Down Scaler Switcher. In addition, OVX 831 offers a true scaled preview and many effects including High Resolution PIP in Computer & Video formats, Title, Fade and logos and frames.

Preview: OVX 831 is fitted with a true scaled Preview out offering the facility to visualize any source before displaying it on the Main output. Preview out ensures easy and safe presentations since any Video or Computer source can be checked on a simple LCD screen before being shown to the audience.

It is fitted with 8 Universal A/V inputs including one DVI, and 4 outputs: 2 Analog and 1 DVI for the Main; 1 Analog for the Preview. It performs an ultra fast and smooth transition between any Video or Computer sources. It also allows a true seamless switching between one computer Input (direct) and any other Video or Computer Input.

OVX 831 is a High Performance, State of the Art, Up/Down Video and Computer Scaler. Ready to fit the native resolution of the latest HD display devices, it provides a superior image thanks to its high quality digital decoder, improved 3:2 and 2:2 pull down circuitry, auto-adaptative pixel by pixel 3D motion compensation, time base corrector, frame rate converter & follower. Easy to use, OVX 831 offers Auto Setup function, Auto Clock and Phase for Computers. Each input image control – brightness, contrast, color, hue, processing, aspect ratio, zoom, etc … – can be individually set and stored in nonvolatile memories.
Each of the 8 Inputs is fitted with a stereo audio line. The audio can either follow or break away from the Video image.
One additional stereo audio input is provided to be mixed with the Video audio input lines. OVX is fitted with a Dual RS232 Com port for Integral remote control and automatic control of other devices in the installation. Field upgradable firmware maintains the high value of your equipment. Upgrades are available on the Analog Way web site. An optional TCP/IP connection allows for remote control and/or upgrade.
This ultra compact and user friendly device is especially designed for high resolution A/V presentation displays, Houses of Worship, conference and boardrooms, and events.

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