Australian Monitor TX8000 8ch Rack Mixer

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A used Australian Monitor TX8000 1u rack mixer, works fine but does have 5 knobs missing

The TX8000 is a high specification, single rack space, 8 channel mixer suitable for desk or rack mounting. The mixer is designed to operate from both AC mains power as well as 24 volts DC. Inputs
The TX8000 has six dual mic/line inputs and two mic only inputs. The mic inputs are active balanced and feature 3 pin XLR female sockets. The line inputs feature dual female RCA sockets. Each channel includes front panel, screwdriver adjustable treble and bass controls. Individual gain can be set-up for each channel via an internal trim control.
The TX8000 features a balanced line output via a 3 pin male XLR socket. A mono tape output is also available via dual female RCA sockets. A 1/4” headphone socket is included on the front panel. Controls
Front panel controls include the master output level plus individual channel level controls. Each channel also includes front panel recessed screwdriver adjustable treble and bass control controls. An internal trim control is also provided for every channel.
A 7 segment LED meter is provided for the master output. A power “on” LED is also included.
Muting is available via the optional VOX operated plug-in TX3010 or TX3014 precedence cards. The TX3010 provides priority from channel 1 over all other channels. The TX3014 provides two levels of priority. Channel 1 is the master mute channel and overrides channels 2-8, whereas channel 2 will mute channels 3-8.
Tone Generators
The ATC5488 is an optional plug-in accessory providing 4 tones (Bell, Pre-Announce Chime, Evacuate and Alert). The Evacuate and Alert tones comply with Australian Standard AS2220.1. The ATC5488 plugs into the main board. Connection wires can be fed through a rear panel slot below the 24V DC connector. Each tone can be activated by a simple contact closure.

Phantom Power
  Phantom Power (18V DC) is provided on all inputs.
Frequency Response                       40Hz – 15kHz (± 3dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion            Less than 0.05% @ 1kHz
Signal To Noise Ratio                     -76dBV (all channels at centre position)
Tone Controls                                   Bass @ 100Hz, Boost +12dB, Cut -12dB; Treble @ 10kHz, Boost +9dB, Cut -9dB
Inputs                                                 8 inputs, 6 of which are dual mic/line. The mic inputs are active balanced with 3 pin XLR female sockets (200-600 Ohms). Maximum Input Level is 300mV. The line inputs are dual female RCAs (47K Ohms). Maximum Input Level is 10V. The last two inputs are balanced mic only.
Input Sensitivity Mic:              0.6mV @ 200 Ohms; Line: 50mV @ 47K Ohms
Phantom Power                        18V DC Outputs
Master Output,                          3 pin XLR male socket. (1.5V @ 600 Ohms).
Maximum Output Level:        +20dB. Mono Headphone Output, 1/4” socket (3.5V @ 600 Ohms). Mono Tape Output, dual female RCA connectors. (700mV @ 10K Ohms)
Controls                                      Level Control per channel, Internal Trim Control per channel, Recessed Treble and Bass Controls per channel, Master Level Control
Indicators                                  Power “on” LED, 7 segment LED meter
Power Sources                          AC: 240V – 50Hz or 110V – 60Hz (special order), 3 pin IEC connector; DC: 24 Volts
Power Consumption                7 vA
Dimensions/Weight                44mm H x 482mm W x 250mm D (Chassis Dimensions Only). 3kg


The mixer shall have six dual microphone/line inputs and two dedicated microphone inputs. The microphone inputs shall be active balanced and feature 3 pin female XLR sockets. The line inputs shall feature dual female RCA sockets. Each channel shall include tamper resistant treble and bass controls. An internal trim pot shall also be included for all channels. The equalisation per channel shall provide 12dB cut or boost at 100Hz and 9dB cut or boost at 10kHz. The master section shall include a master level control and a 7 segment output level LED meter. The master output shall be a balanced 3 pin XLR male socket. The tape output shall feature dual RCA female sockets. A 1/4” mono headphone socket shall be included for monitoring. The mixer shall have facilities for a plug-in dual level muting card, as well as a 4 tone generator card. The mixer shall be of high quality, suitable for both live and commercial applications. It should have ample headroom and a frequency response of no less then 40Hz – 15KHz (±3dB). Total Harmonic distortion shall be no more than 0.05% at 1kHz. The S/N ratio shall be -76dBV or better. Phantom Power of no less than 18V DC shall be available on all microphone inputs. An internal switch to disable the phantom power shall also be included. The unit shall be packaged in a metal chassis suitable for desk or rack mounting. The mixer shall be an Australian Monitor Installation Series model TX8000.

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