AVX SIGNET PDA1000 Induction Hearing loop amplifier

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Ex-Hire AVX SIGNET PDA1000 Induction Hearing loop amplifier


• Power supply circuit provides enough power for the most demanding of music and
speech signals such as theatres and conference centres.

• A studio compressor and expander circuit tracks and controls the input signal over a
100 dB dynamic range. Although the signal is constantly monitored, transient peaks
are only controlled when necessary, as it is the shape of the sound that conveys
emotion and feeling.

• A ‘duck’ facility is also available to convey audience response and prevent the
claustrophobic effect of no ambient noise in theatres and churches etc.

• Two balanced microphone or line level outputs • XLR connectors • Output current metres

• Input level peak LEDs to assist setting up.

Dimensions: (W) 482mm, (H) 88 / 44mm, (D) 243mm


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