Cake Make-up – B1 – Beige 1 – 35 g

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Cake Make-up
Grimas Cake Make-up is a basic make-up that is easy to apply. It is used for visagie (television, film and photography) and as the basis for water make-up.
Cake Make-up is available in 35-gram boxes.
There are many colours of Cake Make-up: black, white, off-white, grey and a wide range of skin shades, from light to very dark skin. Cake Make-up is not made in bright colours

Cake Make-up adheres best on a non-greasy skin. Clean the skin therefore first with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. Then wipe dry with a tissue. If the skin is somewhat dehydrated or sensitive, you can apply a thin layer of Grimas Under Make-up Base after the cleansing. Do this a few minutes before you start working with the Cake Make-up, so the Under Make-up Base has been completely absorbed into the skin.
Do not use a greasy cream under the Cake Make-up.

You apply Cake Make-up with a slightly damp make-up sponge. If you work with too much moisture, streaks will form. You can press the make-up sponge down onto a tissue to remove any excess moisture.
Take the make-up sponge between the fingertips and squeeze it together to create a round surface. With this surface the make-up can be applied.

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