CCT Minuette 650w Fresnel Z0642 Theatre Lantern

£29.17 + VAT

A used CCT minuette 650w fresnel, works absolutely fine but will require a PAT test and a good clean fitted with 15A MK Rubber plugtop  – Gel Frame & Barn Doors are not included.

The smallest, lightest and most versatile luminaire in the Minuette range. It is equally at home on the stage of the largest theatres, a school drama stage, or lighting an exhibition. Its soft-edged controllable beam is very even and well defined. The fresnel lens has been specially designed for the unit and is very efficient. The large beam angle range from 18 – 57 degrees, and the optional accessory of a rotatable four-leaf barn door, gives complete control of the beam shape. The beam angle is adjusted by a heat resistant knob under the unit. Sliding this toward the lens increases the beam angle – away from the lens reduces it. The heat resistant rear handle and the “T” shaped tilt locking handle give easy, cool control when adjusting the unit’s position. (For professional use )

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