Current Thinking DCA4 Voice Alarm Digitally Controlled Analogue Matrix Router

£100.00 + VAT

An ex-installation DCA4 Digitally Controlled Analogue Matrix Router. Good condition. Was removed due to upgrades and fully working.


For small and medium sized installations this self contained voice alarm controller provides an ideal solution.

The basic controller has 4 monitored zone outputs, and the following inputs: 2 all call fire microphone ports, a data control port for networking & configuration, 2 four zone high priority microphone ports, 2 digital message slots (allowing four messages to be held in hardware), a six input fire alarm interface with common de-latch input (24V voltage inputs for connection to sounder circuits), 2 low priority zoned microphone ports, and three stereo music inputs.

The front panel LCD allow selection of volumes, music sources and basic configuration as well as providing access to the 99 event fault log. In the event of processor failure the 2 firemans’ inputs can access the whole system in line with EN60849.

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