Electrovoice RCM-810 Irisnet Remote control module for CPS series Amplifiers – New

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The RCM-810 Remote Control Module is an optional module for supervision and remote control of power amplifiers. RCM-810 modules allow the amplifiers to be integrated into a remote control network with up to 100 devices. Up to 250 amplifiers can be used in an IRIS-Net project when multiple networks are used. Apart from the network port, the RCM-810 also offers freely programmable control inputs and control outputs.


  • Enable powerful control and supervision capabilities
  • Integrate up to 100 devices in each remote control network, 250 with multiple networks
  • Support for 2-, 4-, and 8-channel CPS models
  • Freely programmable control inputs and outputs
  • Load-monitoring for each channel
  • Variable Load Drive for independent channel impedance on 4- and 8-channel amps  (2-10 Ω in 0.1 Ω steps)


  • Audio Network: No
  • CAN Bus Interface: 10 – 500 kbaud, 2x RJ-45 (IRIS-Net Control)
  • FIR-Drive: No
  • GPIO Control Ports: 2 x 3-pole Euro block 2 Control Inputs 2 Control Outputs 2 Reference Outputs (+5 V, 200 mA / GND)
  • Internal Processing: None
  • Network Control (IRIS-Net): Yes
  • Network Interface: CAN Bus
  • Variable Load Drive (VLD): Yes

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