PR Lighting XL1200 Wash x 8, Moving Lights with Flightcases, ex Hire

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Here we have a package of 8 x PR Lighting XL1200 Wash moving lights, all in single flightcases with 2 x rigging clamps per fixture.  Units have been tested all working on a 2hr soak test.  There are some cosmetic damages on the units and these are listed below.  All units are ex hire so expect the usual wear and tear on the bodies and cases but with a small amount of care these units could be A1.  These are seriously bright units, real big boys lighting toys.

The unit and lamps hours are also detailed below.  We have tried to be as accurate as possible with the condition but please bear in mind these are ex Hire units. Also included in the photos are examples of the condition of the units.

We have 8 of these units listed in this package but we happy to discuss splitting into 4 unit lots, or any deal you may have in mind. They are listed as buyer collects but please contact us for shipping options.

These are ex hire units in reasonable condition, but there may be a few scratches and scrapes from usual hire usage

All units are sold in the best of faith however please be aware that they will need a thorough clean and PAT test/ service to bring them up to serviceable condition.

XL1200 Wash Ex hire units  Condition  (LH = Lamp Hours  UH = Unit Total Hours)

Unit 1   LH 662  UH 1006   Some Cracking of base plastic

Unit 2  LH 582  UH 1467    Slight noise on colours

Unit 3  LH 712   UH1637    Unit OK

Unit 4  LH 524  UH 1363   Broken Button

Unit 5  LH244   UH1245     Melt on Arm Casing

Unit 6  LH693  UH1388      All OK

Unit 7  LH490  UH1230      Case Damage

Unit 8  LH599  UH 1489     All OK

Manufactures Spec

XL 1200 Wash , the fixture with 1200wts high power lamp, was born with a very pure colours system. It aims at creating the intoxicating atmosphere. The fixtures can be often found in many of PR’s international projects.

Key features:
1200W discharge lamp
CYM color mixing with macro + linear CTO
12 dichroic color filters plus open
Motorized zoom 15° ~ 42° (8- or 16-bit) and a 10° narrow angle mode
Double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~12 F.P.S
Auto Pan/Tilt position correction, speed adjustable, with lock mechanism.
Ultra-quiet and smooth operation with advanced control technology
An energy saving design and the cooling system
Fault diagnosis system by sensors
Friendly LCD menu, fixture setup without main power
Isolating protection when ground is not connected
Modularized construction, choice of magnetic or electronic ballast
Fast and easy installation, maintenance.

  • CYM color mixing with macro + linear CTO
  • 12 dichroic color filters

Standard Accessories:
G clamps, 2 pcs
5-pin XLR connector, 1 set
Safety cord, 2 pcs
Optional Accessories:
Ω clamps, 2 pcs
Technical Data:
Power Supply:
PR-2905: 100/120/ 200/220/230/240V AC, 50 /60 Hz, electronic ballast
PR-2905M: 200/ 220/230/240V AC, 50/60Hz magnetic ballast
1582 Xingye Avenue, Nancun, Panyu, Guangzhou, 511442, China
+86‐20‐3995 2379    Fax.: +86‐20‐3995 2330‐
1582 Xingye Avenue, Nancun, Panyu, Guangzhou, 511442, China
+86‐20‐3995 2379    Fax.: +86‐20‐3995 2330‐
Power Consumption:
PR-2905: 1500W@220V; PR-2905M: 1600W@220V
Light Source:
PHILIPS MSR Gold 1200 SA/2 DE discharge lamp
(7,500K, 103,000 lm, 750hrs, Socket SFc10-4, double ended)
Or OSRAM HMI 1200 W/S discharge lamp
( 6,000K, 110,000 lm, 750hrs, Socket SFc10-4, double ended)

Optics System:
Reflector: cold mirror coated and for multi-facet and infrared saturation
Lens: high quality multi-coated lenses
Colour System:
Linear CYM colour mixing system + macro + linear CTO
2 colour wheels, each with 6 dichroic colour filters plus white
Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable (8- or 16-bit)
Strobe/Shutter: double strobe/shutter blades, 0.3~12 F.P.S
Control and Programming:
Control: DMX512, 3-pin, 5-pin interface, RDM, Self-test mode
Channels: Short Mode: 14, Standard Mode: 17, Extended Mode: 23
Head Movement:
Pan 450º, Tilt 270º (8- or 16-bit)
Auto Pan/Tilt position correction, adjustable Pan/Tilt speed
Physical Features:
Housing: composite plastic (IP20)
Net Weight: PR-2905: 32Kg, PR-2905M: 45Kg
Gross Weight: PR-2905: 45Kg, PR-2905M: 58Kg
Packed Dimensions:
PR-2905/PR-2905M: 670mm×690mm×770mm

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