Fostex 6301B Powered Monitor Speaker – Spares or Repair

£20.83 + VAT

A used Fostex 6301B active monitor in need of  bit of TLC , Volume pot needs replacing and its not in the best condition. Selling for spares or repair – The new price for one of these is upwards of £200

6301B Series Personal Monitors

An in-built 10 watt amplifier, perfectly matched to a 10cm full range driver delivers a big sound, full of clarity from this small, versatile monitor. Best used in pairs, they accept any line level input, so they are ideal for use with instruments in project studios, on stage, in remote recording vehicles, video productions & multimedia presentations.

Manufactured from cast aluminium, these great little monitors have earned a high reputation among production, broadcast & presentation professionals for being rugged & road worthy.

In Detail

  • Magnetically shielded type 10cm full range speaker
  • In-built 10W RMS power amplifier (8 ohm load)
  • Power on/off switch
  • Rotary level control
  • EXT SP terminal
  • Automated protection circuit
  • Lightweight yet rugged enclosure
  • Compact size & high quality sound outpu

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