Interspace Industries Mastercue V5 USB Cueing System Fully Flight Cased

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A used interspace Industries Mastercue V5 USB cueing system in good condition and in good working order.
Kit Comprises of

2 x WB2 wired cue remote
2 x TX2 Wireless cue Remote
1 x RFR2 Remote RF Receiver & Antenna
1 x Mastercue V5 USB
1 x USB cable
1 x Mains lead
1 x Flight Case
1 x 4pin XLR comms loop thru cable

MasterCue V5 USB is the cueing system of choice for the AV professional. The USB interface can directly control the computer running the presentation if required and with the option of dual button controls, the presenter can signal either forward or back cues during their presentation. As well as the renowned wireless remote system which allows full presenter mobility on stage, also included are hard-wired remotes for totally assured cueing in any situation. The control unit displays the cues visually using colour coded and directional signals and with audible cue sounds via either the in-built speaker or headphones, absolutely certain cue signalling is assured. Other features include programmable remote cue buttons to control the presentation in specific ways (e.g. return to the beginning of the presentation or take the screen to black perhaps) and an intercom system loop-through feature which can let the operator hear cue sounds via their production intercom headset. An optional Confidence Lamp upgrade provides the presenter with a clear, onstage, coloured, visual confirmation of their cues. The system is easily installed using standard 3-pin XLR (mic) cables and the rugged design has proven to stand up to the most rigorous industrial use.


Main features
• Dual-button presentation control via both wireless and hard-wired handsets
• Selectable multi-tone audible cues • Audio out, internal speaker and intercom loop-through options
• Multicolour and directional visual cue display • Control of multiple presentation versions using Cue4
• Simple setup using standard 3-pin XLR (mic) cables
• Fully CE and FCC compliant

Signals: RF 433Mhz
Audio on 600Ohms 1Vp-p Variable
RF Signal type: FSK modulation

RF receiver: BNC for aerial and female XLR
Main unit: Male 3-pin XLR for RF receiver connection, female 3-pin XLRs for each of the wired remotes, audio intercom loop-through using 1 male and 1 female 4-pin XLRs, 1/4” jack socket for balanced audio output, PS2 style keyboard connector for keyboard programming, B-type USB connector, IEC mains power input

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