Le Maitre Opti Mist Turbo Smoke Machine – Working but needs slight attention – Lot 1

£62.50 + VAT

An ex-hire Le Maitre Opti Mist Turbo Smoke Machine which hasn’t been used for quite some time,  tested and working however  it does have a couple of issues that need attention. They are notorious for leaking fluid and this one is no exception, you get quite a bit of fluid leaking from the brass screw in canister connection & possibly needs the thermostat replacing as the heating indicator didn’t go out after 10mins of it been plugged in. I didn’t want to give it any longer  connected to the mains as it might have cooked the heater element. Cosmetic condition isn’t amazing, paintwork is a bit flakey here and there especially on the underside

Please be aware of the issues it has before purchasing

I have 2 of these available in similar condition on separate listings

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