LEE Filters – LED to Tungsten Pack

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LEE Filters – LED to Tungsten Pack
Sheet Sizes 300mm x 300mm (12″ x 12″)

Filter Numbers Included: 622 / 624 / 626 / 628 / 216 / 250

A common complaint from people using LED lighting is that the white light is very blue, making it look cold in comparison to a Tungsten light. These filters will convert white LED sources (colour temperatures ranging from 5000-7000K) to the equivalent of a 3200K Tungsten source. This means that different types of luminaires can now be blended together without the viewer of digital camera seeing a difference.

2 x Sheets of Each

N.B. The colours displayed on this web-shop relating to the lee filter numbers are to give a general guide to the actual filter colour only.
Due to vast differences in display technology when viewing these colours on TFT LED / LCD monitors, it is strongly recommended that an official Lee filters swatch be consulted prior to ordering, to ensure colour match/suitablility.

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