LEE Filters Lighting Pack Tungsten to Daylight

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LEE Filter – Tungsten to Daylight
Sheet Sizes 300mm x 300mm (12″ x 12″)

Filter Numbers Included: 202 / 203 / 200 / 201 / 218 / 720

Filter Numbers Included:

A selection of colour tempertaure blue (CTB) filters used to convert tungsten lights to daylight or electronic flash. Varying densities of blue will allow for partial corrections as well as effects such as moonlight, or general cooling. Also includes the new Durham Daylight Frost a combination of diffusion and CTB to be used when cooling and softening are required at the same time.

2 x Sheets of Each

N.B. The colours displayed on this web-shop relating to the lee filter numbers are to give a general guide to the actual filter colour only.
Due to vast differences in display technology when viewing these colours on TFT LED / LCD monitors, it is strongly recommended that an official Lee filters swatch be consulted prior to ordering, to ensure colour match/suitablility.

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