Magenta Research Multiview AK500 RX & UTX TX – QXGA over CAT5

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A used Multiview AK500 & UTX transmitter & receiver kit consisting of the transmitter, receiver and 1 power supply for the transmitter the receiver is powered by POE


MultiView AK500 series receivers deliver QXGA resolution (2048×1536) @ 500 feet (152 meters) @70Hz refresh rate. To ensure crisp display images, the AK500 includes built-in skew compensation, which allows operators to add 10ns of delay (color offset adjustment) on one or all of the red, green or blue color channels. A continuous knob-turn equalization adjustment is featured on the AK500 as well, permitting users to concurrently fine adjust image quality based on actual cable distance—from one to 500 feet. All AK500s can be user-configured (through jumpers) to handle composite, component, S-video, RGsB or RGBHV video signals. Signal combinations on the base version can include video and analog or SPDIF audio, video and simplex 232 serial or S-video and stereo audio. Other versions can be factory-configured to transport video plus full-duplex RS-232 (AK500 232) or video, stereo and full duplex RS-232 over a single Cat5 (AK500- SA). For daisy-chain applications the AK500 is available in a dual-port configuration (AK500 DP). Magenta offers four distance tiers of its MultiView Series receivers: 250 feet (76 meters), 500 feet (152 meters), 1000 feet (305 meters) and 1500 feet (457 meters), all of which handle composite through highresolution RGBHV video. The MultiView AK500 Receiver inhabits the second tier. MultiView users can mixand-match receivers as needed to adapt to the specific application layout. The MultiView Series provides a “building block” approach to signal distribution over Cat5. MultiView AK500 Receivers may be linked to a MultiView UTx Universal Transmitter, a PCI card transmitter or MultiView T4/T5 multiple output transmitters, plus MultiView distribution amplifiers and/or matrix switchers in order to cover any application

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