Grimas Stage Make Up Old Stock Clearance (50% Off RRP) – Eyeshadow/Rouge – 553 – Orange – A1 (2 g) – 3 Pots – 553 Orange – Past Use By Date

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Old Stock Clearance (40% Off RRP) – Eyeshadow/Rouge – 553 – Orange – A1 (2 g) – 3 Pots – 553 Orange

3 x Eyeshadow/Rouge – 553 – Orange – Size : A1 (2 g) – Use By Date: 01/06/2011

Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge is an intensely coloured, compressed powder for use as eyeshadow or rouge and which is also suitable for lightening and shadowing.
Eyeshadow/Rouge is available in palettes of 12 and 24 pieces and in 2 g individual (A1) cups (Pearl 2,5 g).
There are matt shades varying from bright colours to skin and shadow shades and there are glossy shades: Pearl Eyeshadow, for a glossy/iridescent effect.
The colours can be mixed together.

Eyeshadow/Rouge has more uses than purely as eye shadow and blusher. For example, with visagie it is also used for colouring eyebrows, as well as for modelling and shaping. In combination with Grimas Cleansing Lotion Eyeshadow/Rouge makes a perfect eyeliner when used. Combined with Grimas Cake Make-up, Eyeshadow/Rouge can be used for shadowing and highlighting.
Eyeshadow/Rouge and Pearl Eyeshadow are very colour-intensive. The intensity can be reduced if so desired with a lighter shade of Eyeshadow/Rouge or with a little Grimas Fixing Powder or Transparent Powder.

Take the required colour of Eyeshadow/Rouge out with a brush or applicator. Spread the eye shadow out on the back of your hand and then work from the hand to get the right amount.

Remove Eyeshadow/Rouge and Pearl Eyeshadow with Grimas Cleansing Milk or Make-up Remover.
Cleanse the skin afterwards with Grimas Cleansing Lotion.

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