Grimas Wool Crepe – Professional Stage Make Up Old Stock Clearance

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Old Stock Clearance (40% Off RRP) – Grimas Wool Crepe – Professional Stage Make Up

1 x Wool Crepe – 12 – Orangey red – meter
1 x Wool Crepe – 17 – Red – meter
1 x Wool Crepe – 18 – Blue – meter
2 x Wool Crepe – 19 – Green – meter
1 x Wool Crepe – 3 – Golden blonde – meter
1 x Wool Crepe – 6 – Light chestnut brown – meter
1 x Wool Crepe – 7 – Chestnut brown – meter

Grimas Wolcrêpe is a woven strand of pieces of sheep’s wool that you can use to make single-use beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns. Wool Crepe is also used for concealing the edges of a fake beard and for creating a stubbly beard.
It is a series of pieces of sheep’s wool (approximately 15 cm in length) braided together.
Wool Crepe is available in a variety of colours. The colours can be combined together and may be coloured further if necessary with Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge.

For concealing the edges of a ‘Sinterklaas’ or Father Christmas beard, we recommend colour number 2 (light blonde) for a buffalo-hair or cream-coloured fake beard and colour number 1 (white) for a white / synthetic false beard. When concealing the edges of a false beard, we recommend working with pieces of Wool Crepe at least 50 cm in length.

Pull the braided Wool Crepe loose from the strings around which it has been wound. If you feel resistance, you cut the strings loose so that you can continue. Pull the start of the straight-edge cut piece loose, so that its end becomes fluffy. Straighten the part you are working with, using a curler, styling tongs or an iron (on the ‘wool’ setting), until it has a slight wave. Do not pull it too hard, so the braid remains intact.
Now make the piece that you are working with longer and looser: run it through your hands and pull it gently bit by bit in the lengthwise direction, but so that the piece still remains intact.
You make a beard, whiskers (sideburns), a moustache and/or eyebrows according to the Grimas instructions.
To improve adhesion to the skin, first clean with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. For a shorter duration (training course situation), you can glue on the Wool Crepe with Water-soluble Mastix. For longer-lasting adhesion and serious theatrical work, glue the Wool Crepe on with Mastix Extra. If there is any doubt, we recommend you should always use Mastix Extra.

Removing Wool Crepe
If you have used Grimas Watersoluble Mastix, then you can remove the Wool Crepe with lukewarm water and a little soap if necessary. Wool Crepe that has been stuck on with Mastix Extra you remove with Mastix Remover.
To stress the skin as little as possible, you can first massage it with Grimas Cleansing Cream. You can then already pull some of the hairs loose and remove them with a tissue. The remaining hairs and the adhesive you remove with a cotton wool pad and Mastix Remover. Dab it carefully onto the skin and roll the residual material off the skin.
You can cleanse the skin with water and soap (shampoo can also be used). Cleanse afterwards with Cleansing Lotion.
Hint: for a comfortable feeling, you can rub a skincare cream into the skin, for example Grimas Under Make-up Base or Skincare Cream.

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