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A Pair of  vintage AKG D109 lavalier microphones in very good condition and in good working order, both are complete with the AKG clip which will attach to a lapel or you can tie a cord round it and wear it round your neck.

Both microphones have been tested before listing, they both work fine and sound the same.  The cables on both microphones have got a little bit of noise in them when moved but this should be expected as they’re about 40 years old and all original. A vintage Switchcraft XLR is fitted to both mics
Please note that these microphones don’t have the original cases or neck cords – Text below was copied from a vintage AKG advert

The AKG D-l09 is a high-quality omnidirectional microphone that has been electro-acoustically designed for optimum performance when worn lavalier-mounted. A compact and lightweight instrument, the D-l 09 combines accurate speech reproduction with unobtrusive appearance. It is therefore ideal for television, videotape, and film productions requiring an inconspicuous on-camera microphone. The D-l09 is also highly recommended for “hands-free” use in churches, schools,lecture halls, and conference rooms

Unlike a conventional microphone (which exaggerates low frequencies and muffles high frequencies when “adapted” for lavalier use). the D-l09 has a specially contoured frequency response that enables it to provide naturally balanced speech reproduction when placed against the user’s chest: Response is intentionalLy rolled off below 300 Hz to reduce tonal coloration caused by chest-cavity resonance. Furthermore, with the ring-shaped lavalier clip raised fully above the level of the microphone grille, response is boosted between 2 kHz and 6 kHz to compensate both for the lack of high-frequency propagation below the chin and for the filtering effect of clothing that may be used to conceal the microphone. (The peak at 6 k Hz may be reduced as required sirnply by lowering the lavalier clip, as shown in the frequency-response curves below.) The D·l09’s wire-mesh grille and rugged brass case effectively encapsulate the transducer element against metal particles and dust.
A low-impedance balanced-output unit, the D·l09 is supplied complete with a 9 m (“” 29·1 /2 ft) flexible, 2-conductor shielded cable having stripped and tinned leads at its free end. (The cable is an integral part of the microphone, but can be easily replaced in the field.) Also included are the lavalier clip (with adjustable tie clasp and adjustable/removable nylon neck cord) and a foam-lined vinyl protective case.

Transducer Type: Dynamic
Directional Characteristic: Omnidirectional
Frequency Range: 70-12,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 200 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance: ;;;;’ 500 ohms
Sensitivity at 1 kHz:
Open circuit :0.11 mV/pb; – 79.2dBV
Maximum power level :           – 58dBm(re: 1 mW/l0dynes/cm2)
EIAG :  – 151dBm
Tolerance : +3, – 1dB
Sound Pressure Level for 1% THD:
40Hz: 130dB
1000 Hz: 130dB
Hum Sensitivity: – 103 dBm (1 mG field)
Case Material: Nickel plated brass
Dimensions: See Dimensions figure overleaf
Schematic: See Schematic figure overleaf
Net Weight: 155 g (“”5·1/2 oz) w/cable and lavalier clip
Included Accessories: 9 m (“” 29-1 /2 ft) integral 2 conductor shielded cable Lavalier clip w/adj tie clasp.

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