Penton RCS 6/FTS white Ceiling installation loudspeaker NEW 100v

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Penton RCS 6/FTS white Ceiling installation loudspeaker NEW

The RCS range of ceiling loudspeakers has been carefully designed to satisfy the most critical eye. These units are stylish yet unobtrusive and can be supplied with or without firedomes (FT & FTS versions).

Made from a pressed steel epoxy coated chassis incorporating a twin cone driver, which has a wider frequency range than the standard single cone, this makes the RCS range more suitable for use in applications where background music is a primary requirement.

In compliance with BS5839 part 8, the “FTS” versions incorporate a ceramic terminal and thermal fuse and are, therefore, suitable for use in voice alarm applications.


Rated power, Watts 6

Tappings 100 volt line, Watts 6/3/1.5/0.75/0.25

Transformer Impedance, Ohms, 100V 1.67k/3.33k/6.66k/13.3k/39.9k

Tappings 70.7 volt line, Watts 3/1.5/0.75/0.375/0.125

Driver impedance, Ohms 8

Effective frequency range, Hz (BSEN60268-5) RCS6/T: 65-18.5KHz RCS6/FTS: 180-18KHz

S.P.L. @ 1m, 1 watt, dB, Test Signal Bandwidth 100Hz-10 kHz RCS6/T:

95 RCS6/FTS: 95 S.P.L. @ Full power Octave Bandwidth, dB RCS6/T: 103

RCS6/FTS: 103 Acoustic Power (dB-PWL@1 watt) 1 k/2kHz, dB

RCS6/T: 90/92 RCS6/FTS: 91/92 Dispersion at 1k/2kHz, Degrees

RCS6/T: 180/110 RCS6/FTS: 180/120 Directivity Axial Q factor, 1 k/2kHz

RCS6/T: 2.3/6.1 RCS6/FTS: 1.9/5.9

Dimensions, diameter, mm Ø239

Net weight, Kgs RCS6/T: 1.2, RCS6/FTS: 1.5

Colour/Finish White RAL9016

Material Steel

Mounting Torsion springs

Cut-out, mm RCS6/T: Ø190 RCS6/FTS: Ø200

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