Prolyte ARC Outdoor Stage Roof System


Prolyte ARC Outdoor Stage Roof System 8m x 6m

This is the smallest structure in our range that offers a perfect solution for all time, budget and space issues. The roof and stage can be assembled by one of our crews in 4 hours, on hard floor standing. Various height and sizes are possible over all varied terrains.  The Arc Stage Roof consists of three apex, outward curved structures, which form the curved roof. The roof may be covered and the stage enclosed on three sides. Lighting equipment can be suspended directly from the truss, which forms the structure.
ARC Roof Stage

Audio systems can be stacked on the stage or if more space is needed we can supply PA wings that attach to the structures sides able to accommodate flown or ground stacked speakers. The wings also offer many branding opportunities as printed scrims can be attached.

Lighting and rigging can be suspended from the roof arches or attached to the grid and towers. Grey canopy, backwall and sides comes as standard with the roof.

Roof Ballast can be Concrete Blocks, Spirafix Ground Anchors, or specially adapted Water Tanks that can be filled on site.

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Full Installation service available, please contact us for price and availability

  • Hire Price Per Week: £3,500.00

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