Prolyte MPT Outdoor Stage Roof System


Prolyte MPT Outdoor Stage Roof System 12m x 10m

The Prolyte MPT Roof is a large scale system and is supported electric hoisted towers with the option of additional towers for flown PA, Signage and LED Screens. This MPT system uses a ground supported truss grid on self-climbing towers giving a 12m x 10m square roof section with a trim height of 6m. The roof can incorporate a sloping cantilever rather than the square box of typical structures, and this creates an unusual and aesthetically pleasing shape.


This stage is ideal for as main or secondary stage at any festival. The roof is supplied with grey canvas walls and can be filled with curtains, and large scale lighting rigs. It easily boasts enough space for any band or medium sized orchestra!

The stage can be supplied with ramps for equipment/disabled access and can be supplied with covered wings for side of stage monitor mixing and changeovers. Stage ballast is achieved using water tubs that can be prefilled or filled on site. Additional ballast can be used including Concrete Blocks, Spirafix Ground Anchors, as well as the specially adapted Water Tanks that can be filled on site.


Prolyte MPT Outdoor Stage Roof System

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For the large format roof including PA Wings prices start from £8000 + VAT including delivery and collection

Full Installation service available, please contact us for price and availability


  • Hire Price Per Week: £8,950.00

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