QTX 4 Way DMX Booster/Distributor 154.101UK

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A used QTX 4 way DMX booster/distributer , overall condition is pretty good,  screen printing is a little smudged


4 Way DMX Booster/Distributor

This 4 way DMX Booster/distributor has one input, loop through and two electrically opto isolated outputs. Both DMX input and DMX output are provided with 3 pin XLR connectors making it universally compatible with most lighting systems. This item is ideally used for splitting the signal over a large area rather than running a chain. The box will isolate individual sub chains, making it quick and easy to protect and fix faults when they occur without the whole system failing.

  • DMX Loop out or DMX terminated (supplied)
  • 2 x Opto isolated DMX outputs (isolated in pairs, CH1&2, CH3&4)
  • Powered by mains to boost signal over a long distance

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