RCF PR 4092 19 inch 9ch Rack Mixer 24vdc or 240v mains

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Used & in pretty good all round condition and in good working order, The only issues I can find is a missing Knob on Ch9 but the pot shaft is intact and ch9 works fine. There are also 5 of the grey plastic knob centres missing otherwise all ok.

The PR 4092 preamplifier has been specifically designed for the public broadcasting of announcements and/or musical programs in all audio systems. Each of the 9 inputs can be sent to output “A” only, to output “B” only, or to both. PR 4092 offers 9 balanced XLR mic / line inputs via XLR connectors. Each channel contains Phantom power and High pass filter. Front side switches include LINE, MIC, and MIC with high pass filter. The equipment can therefore be used as a double preamplifier (for example: output “A” reserved for microphone announcements; output “B” reserved for background music). Input N° 1 has absolute priority (activated both by means of a contact and by the presence of a signal); Inputs N° 2 and 3 can be given priority over the subsequent inputs; an input’s priority function is active only at the output selected (or both). LEDs for signal inputs and VU meter for the outputs give a complete overview on the unit’s status.

• CE comply with European Community 2006/95/CE LVD Directive and 2004/108/CE EMC
• Directive Immunity according to IEC EN 55013+A1+A2, IEC EN 55020+A2+EC, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3+A1
• Safety according to IEC EN 60065:2002

The PR 4092 will be assemble in a cabinet use the ear rack brackets included.
The container rack must conform to the EN 60439-1 standard; in particular, the back must be closed with appropriate panels.

• 1 mic input with configurable priority settings activated automatically or with VOX
• warning signal activated by means of contact on the input 1
• “CHIME TEST” buttons the front panel • 8 universal inputs each with MIC / LINE selector
• 9 XLR input connectors and 4 double RCA line connector
• “Phantom” feed at the microphone inputs
• Bass- and treble-tone control for each output
• Level control (with VU meter) for each of the two outputs



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