Sonifex HY02 Telephone Balancing Unit – Routes Phone Calls to a PA System

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A used Sonifiex HY02 telephone balancing unit in good condition & in a 2u flightcase , comes with a phone & connector cables.

The HY-02 is a high quality analogue telephone hybrid which is suitable for most general telephony applications and is often used in radio and TV stations, bingo halls and dealing floors. The HY-02 can be used for any application where a clean telephone signal is required and the line is not subject to delay. Sonifex have been manufacturing the analogue HY-02 telephone hybrid for many years and have sold over 3,000 units worldwide.The HY-02 has set the standard as an excellent value, high quality telephone hybrid. Some of the features for the HY-02 range include : • Fully automatic – they automatically adapt to varying line conditions and have automatic signal limiting. • Local and remote line hold switching – calls can be remotely switched through a mixing console. • Balanced inputs and outputs – 0dBu transformer balanced 10k bridging clean feed line input and 0dBu low impedance transformer balanced output. • 28 dB typical line balance rejection. • BABT approval complaint with European PTT specifications. • Balanced microphone level input with 74dB adjustable gain. • Line limiter, bandpass filter and output noise gate with preset threshold providing low distortion crystal clear audio. • Fitted with K-break as standard with an option for dial-tone disconnect (HY-DTD add-on board).


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