Sony SVRM-100A Wired Remote control

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A used Sony SVRM-100A Remote control in good condition – does have a small scratch on the front – visible in the photo

Control-S remote control unit with jog and shuttle ring. Play, rec, FF, rew, pause, stop, jog and shuttle functions are available.Field freeze operation for SVO-5800/ SVP-5600Enables ±10 times normal speed in search operationDesigned to control the UVW-1200, UVW-1700G, UVW-1800, UVW-1600, UVW-1400A, SVO-5800/9600 and SVP-5600/SVO-9600

Provides wired remote control operation for STOP/REC/PAUSE/REW/PLAY/FFWD/JOG/SHUTTLE operation

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