Strand ref 136 “Rain” Moving Effects for PATT 252 or Cadenza EP

£79.17 + VAT

A Vintage Strand Electric moving Flames effect for for the Strand PATT252 or Cadenza EP, these are becoming quite rare.

We have 4 more of these available ( Fleecy Clouds, Storm Clouds,  Fire , Snow ) on different listings

A glass disc containing a photographic image of Snow, driven by an electrically-powered rubber wheel, turning in front of a hot tungsten-halogen lightbulb? Surely in these days of digital media, of convergence, Strand Electric’s venerable effects disc should be long obsolete? The round housing protecting the glass disc itself is familiar to anyone who’s worked in theatre. Designed to allow the effect to move across the projector’s lens – linear, rather than circular, movement – it has a turntable backplate allowing the angle of the effect to be altered, runners and a spring retaining clip for the interchangeable lens, colour frame and adjustable mask (why has no-one ever made a sensible version of this?); a divertor mirror can be attached to the lens if required. A rectangular housing on the effect’s front holds an electric motor; changing the position of a drive wheel against a larger ‘potter’s wheel’ providing speed and direction variation. The glass image discs themselves are interchangeable. Each had a painted or photographic image, usually clouds or flames but with countless others from snow to skeletons – most made by Strand Electric’s Frank Weston and Edward Biddle – available in Strand’s glory days.

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