D&B C4 Sub Loudspeaker


The C4-SUB is a band pass subwoofer with a rich, punchy sound, specifically designed to match the C4-TOP and extend the C4 frequency response down to 50 Hz. Its cabinet shape, size and flying arrangements are totally compatible with the C3 and C4-TOP. The C4-SUB cabinet is constructed from marine plywood and has an impact resistant paint finish, steel handles and MAN CF4 stud plate rigging points. There are fittings at the top and bottom for securing an optional transport lid, and mounted on the rear panel are ratchet strap guide plates, two hinge plates and four heavy duty wheels.

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D&B C4 Sub Loudspeaker

  • Hire Price Per Day: £15.00
  • Hire Price Per 2 Days: £30.00
  • Hire Price Per Week: £45.00

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