ROBE Lightdome 1200


The Robe Lightdome 1200 enables Robe fixtures to be used in outdoors installations in any type of weather. It is made from special transparent non-flamable PVC-P film, with an IP 43 protection factor. All the effects of the Robe fixture inside can be used as normal. Back-UPS holds the dome inflated for 8 minutes. It is to protect the plastic dome falling on the hot fixture


  • Base diameter: 800 mm
  • Base height: 180 mm
  • Dome height: 1690 mm
  • Total height: 1796 mm
  • Total weight: 20 kg

The Robe LightDome 1200 was designed to be operated with moving heads of ROBE 575/250 AT and Robin 300/600 series as well as moving heads of ROBE 1200/700 AT series

With exterior applications a growing trend – in both entertainment and architectural areas, no moving light range is complete without its own weather protection facilities. Robe has spent considerable time researching into the best solutions to protect their fixtures from extreme environments and has come up with the ultimate in weather resistance.

The luminaire´s base is fixed onto the LightDome’s luminaire holder by four quick-lock fasteners, and this in turn fixes to the base of the Dome by another four quick-lock fasteners. The cables are run in through an air vent.

The moving light sits inside the Dome in a fully sealed environment, perfectly protected from all types of inclement weather – dirt, snow, wind, rain, etc.

The Domes are made from tough 0.2 mm thick special transparent non-flammable PVC-P film and are IP44 rated. Once sat inside the Dome. the Robe fixture functions as normal, with all effects available, etc. The Dome base is constructed from 3mm aluminium and finished in black. The unit has the great advantage of being able to be hung upside down on a truss using Robe’s Omega holders.

The holders are installed on the bottom of the base and the rain-cover is fixed by 7 screws to cover the inflow and outflow apertures on the base. This again is a very simple operation.

Robe’s LightDomes are also equipped with a back-up UPS that keeps the Dome inflated for 8 minutes in the event of power failure, providing projection against the plastic Dome collapsing on top of a hot fixture.



  • Hire Price Per Day: £50.00

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